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Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG

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Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG
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Tokyo Marui are without doubt the kings of Airsoft AEGs. Their M14 range is one of TM's best with a high fps and considerable range. The newest rifle in the collection is the M14 SOCOM; a shortened variant of the existing models coming in a black sandstone stock.

History and real steel facts
The Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM is based on the SOCOM 16, a shortened version of the M1A Rifle manufactured by Springfield Armory Inc. for both civilian and military use. The name SOCOM is taken from the well know acronym for the United States Special Operations Command but is for marketing purposes only, and does not indicate any relationship with or approval by the said organisation. The main difference between the M1A and the SOCOM 16 is the barrel that has been shortened from 22inches to just over 16inches. This improves the manoeuvrability, but still keeps the rifle out of the grasp of the US National Firearms Act. The SOCOM 16 is chambered for a 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Win.) round. The relatively powerful caliber and compact size make it suitable for close quarters combat (CQB).

As with all of Tokyo Marui’s rifles of late, the AEG comes in a very well presented all black box to match the rifle. All the usual AEG accessories are included (i.e. standard cap mag, loading rod, cleaning rod etc). When taking the rifle out of the box the one thing you notice is the extremely nice sandstone finish stock. It certainly gives the rifles a different but comfortable feel and is definitely one of its main selling points. The weight of the M14 SOCOM is the other notable point. There is quite a bit of metal in this, which gives a nice feel, especially for a ‘CQB’ rifle. Also present is a metal scout style mount base for attaching whatever scope you fancy. The bolt, like of the other M14s in TM’s range, is movable but performs no function. However this variant has a nice touch with ‘SOCOM’ lettering on the bolt handle. The hop-up adjustment is located in the magazine housing and the SOCOM takes a large type battery in the stock, as on the other M14s. Inside the rifle is a Tokyo Marui version 7 gearbox so upgrade and replacement parts will not be an issue.

Shooting the M14 SOCOM
There isn’t much difference between the SOCOM and its predecessors. The sound from the gearbox is much the same but still reminds you that you’ve got a reliable product in your hands. Over a 10-shot string the rifle averaged 287fps with a 0.2g bb.

Technical Specifications
-Main building materiel: ABS, Aluminium alloy
-Full Auto, Semi Auto and Safety selectable
-Version 7 Gearbox
-Adjustable Hop-Up
-Total Length: 946mm
-Total Width: 73mm
-Weight: 3650g (excluding battery)
-Barrel length: 440mm
-Mag Capacity: 70rounds
-Rate of Fire: 800rounds per minute

From what wee can see the M14 SOCOM is bound to prove as reliable and as effective as its longer counterpart however the main points of focus with the rifle have to be the great feeling stock and the impressive weight. If you love your M14s, but couldn’t justify taking it CQB airsofting and whacking it against a brick wall, the M14 SOCOM has to be your top choice.

Tokyo Marui M14 Airsoft Electric Rifle (AEG)
firing mode: semi/full automatic mag capacity: 70rnds
velocity:approx. 290fps weight: approx 3650g
hop up: yes (adjustable) battery: large

battery & charger not included

Price excluding VAT: £291.66
Price including VAT: £349.99
Status: Out of stock

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