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Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1 AEG

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Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1 AEG
VCR Act: By law, you must be:
-UKARA registered to buy this item as seen.
-Have 50%+ of the gun brightly coloured if not UKARA registered.
-Be VCRA exempt.
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Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson (AEG)
Firing mode: Semi/Full Mag Capacity: 68 Rounds
Velocity: Approx 270-280 fps Weight: Approx 3.4 Kg
Hop Up: Yes (adjustable) Battery: 8.4v Large
Automatic Electric Gun

Gun does not include battery or charger.

Type: The M1A1 Thompson was the primary submachine gun of the US Army and has earned its fame in 1920s America for its use by criminals. This is the mass produced war version and is one of the few Marui guns which are full metal.

- Metal: Barrel, magazine, top receiver, front and back sight.
- Plastic: Lower receiver, grip and stock.
As with nearly all Tokyo Marui guns, this replica is extremely well made and reliable.

-Magazines are available in: 68, 190 (short type) and 420 rounds.
-The M1A1 can be fitted with a 1928 old style receiver kit and wood front grip and stock set.
-Real steel vertical front grips, although hard to get hold of, will fit onto this gun.
- For those who desire it, a M41 Alien pulse rifle kit can be installed onto the Thompson.

- BB Speed: Approximately 270-280 fps.
As with most airsoft guns, each production batch will vary slightly.
- Battery: Can accept 8.4v Large. Battery is stored inside the solid stock.

- Marui produced guns have the best reliability on the market. Whilst internally unmodified, will last an extremely long period of time without the need for major maintenance.
- This gun is extremely realistic with a metal barrel and upper receiver added to the excellent wood effect stock and grip.
- The firing sound of this gun is unlike any other AEG with a rewarding thumping noise.
- Due to the metal receiver and barrel, the gun has a rigid and strong construction.
- One of the few WW2 guns which are realistic, affordable and reliable to use.
- Comes in a period style box complete with grease proof paper inside wrapping.

- Metal construction may prove too weighty for skirmishers who prefer light weight guns.
- The barrel to receiver has a weak point. This can be reinforced and maintained by ensuring all body screws are kept tight.
- The old style design of the mag release switch and stock height may take time to get use to. The mag release switch is best operated using both hands.
- The gun is deceivingly long
- The drum mag and vertical front grip are unavailable for airsoft at present.

Gun does not include battery or charger.

Price excluding VAT: £249.99
Price including VAT: £299.99
Status: In stock

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