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Tokyo Marui H&K G36C Carbine AEG

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Tokyo Marui H&K G36C Carbine AEG
VCR Act: By law, you must be:
-UKARA registered to buy this item as seen.
-Have 50%+ of the gun brightly coloured if not UKARA registered.
-Be VCRA exempt.
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The Tokyo Marui fully automatic Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) G36C is one of the latest AEGs and is easily one of their best creations to date. The mags clip together, making reloading a quick and easy task, and the EG1000 motor assures an excellent rate of fire. The folding stock and small frame make this a versatile weapon for CQB, and the two RIS rails allow for easy installation of accessories

EG1000 motor; v.reliable; short barrel, but long range; hi-cap mag holds 400 rounds; 2 RIS rails Larger battery: 40-50 (13 for external battery-bag). (this increases the rate of fire, allows for a decent upgrade, and extends battery life considerably)

Performance boosters:
Full internal upgrade (125, inclusive of engineer's fee) - will increase power to 328 feet per second. High grade barrel (50-60) - will improve accuracy at range.

The G36C has great internals, compact design, and tremendous potential for customisation. Being one of the latest releases from Tokyo Marui, the performance is also top-notch. Custom parts for the G36C are also easy to come by, and the gun can be modified to suit many different roles, what with the extended foregrip, extended barrel, and G36K conversion all available.

Tokyo Marui Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG)
firing mode: semi/full automatic mag capacity: 50rnds
velocity:approx. 280fps weight: approx 2845g
hop up: yes (adjustable) battery: small

battery and charger not included --- X pack recommended (click here for more info)

Price excluding VAT: £262.49
Price including VAT: £314.99
Status: Out of stock

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